8 Years is Too Long to Be Away From Baseball

It’s been 8
long years since I’ve either seen a Mets game or listened to a game
live but right now I’m listening to the Mets on the “Fan”!!!

8 years
without baseball!!

I don’t care
that we’re down 4-0 after the 2nd inning……I don’t care
that Oliver Perez is getting lit up like a Roman Catholic
Church…….I’m listening to my Mets live on the “FAN”!

Where I live
I haven’t had Internet in my residence for 8 years……..no, I’m not
kidding and I’m not in prison. I’ve just never had access to it in my
crib but all that’s changed and I’m thrilled!!

I tried to
watch it on one of the streams but my wireless signal is too low but
even that doesn’t matter because I’m able to listen which is better!
I can fix the signal issue and I will tomorrow!

How will the
Mets do this year? Who knows but I will be there until October
rooting for my Mets!


Please keep it clean!

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