It All Begins Today!

Today is
opening day at Citi Field and I’m excited. This will be the first
opening day I’ve been able to catch since opening day 2002….and I
almost missed this one due to WFAN not allowing us living outside the
USA to listen to the stream. Lets just say I was less the thrilled by
this decision, and leave it at that!

At least I
don’t have to listen to Craig Carton and his “Mets fans for
Yankees” mantra any more!

Luckily for
me I found the Marlins flagship station, 790 The Ticket, and it
offers us a stream so barring any unforeseen complications, and you
never really know here, I’ll be listening at 8:05pm my time as Johan
and the Amazins take on the Marlins!

I’m listening
to the station now and these guys are trashing the Mets…..which I
suppose is normal trash talk but they seem to think the Mets are
worse then the Knicks in terms of relevancy…..they need to chill!

We’ve had a
good spring and have way more plusses then minuses…..we’ve got some
problems without Reyes, Beltran and Murphy but if we can play at or
above .500, and I believe we can, we’ll be alright!

We need a BIG
game out of Johan, David Wright and Jason Bay today. Heck, we need
these three to carry the load until Beltran and Reyes get healthy and
from what I saw this spring these guys are ready, willing and able to
get the job done!

I don’t care
what anyone says, the Amazins, when healthy, are one of the best
teams on paper in the National League. It’s time to show the baseball
world just how good this team is and it all begins today!

Go Mets!!!


Please keep it clean!

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