Bye Bye K-Rod…..and Good Riddance!!

I’m not a fan of Francisco Rodriguez. Never have been and probably never will be so when Sandy Alderson shipped him off to the Brewers for cash and two players to be named later made me a very happy Mets fan.

It also makes me wonder who is next to leave the Mets.

Smart money says it will be Carlos Beltran who gets traded. The Mets will certainly be able to get a whole lot better than two players to be named later for Carlos!

Maybe, if we are really lucky, whoever Sandy sends Carlos to will also take Mike Pelfrey and Jason Bay off our hands! Wouldn’t that be a great trade?? Nah, no one in their right minds would want Bay with that big contact and that wiffle bat he left Boston with.

I don’t think Pelfrey will be around to finish the season and lets be honest here. Pelfrey actually can pitch and baseball people know this. He would make a great 4-5 starter for a team like Cleveland or maybe even Detroit.

I’ve even thought about sending David Wright and Chris Capuano to a contender. If Wright is healthy we will certainly get something in return for him. I hate to see him go but this is a business and David will fetch more than any other Met….

These next couple of weeks should be mighty interesting in Mets land!



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