I Love Baseball!!

Except for about 8 years baseball has been a big part of my life. Those eight years were the first eight years I spent in Greece and a part from reading the box score I didn’t pay that close attention to it. If you can’t watch or listen or even have someone to talk baseball with you lose interest….

Last night, or should I say in the wee small hours of the morning, I listened to the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees game live on ESPN radio and realized a couple of things; what a great game baseball is and how much I really do love talking about the game of baseball.

I haven’t been that excited about the outcome of a sporting event in a long LONG time.

Growing up I loved two teams; The New York Mets and the Detroit Tigers. I’ve always been a Mets fan but told the Tigers to take a hike after the pizza guy (what was his name again) fired Ernie Harwell. Swore I would never root for those bums again.

You know what they say about never saying never don’t ya?

Flash forward to August of this year….

I started this sports show in order to talk about baseball. That was the main and only reason and for the first two years of its existence all the listeners got was yours truly talking baseball and whatever else popped into my head. Not being able to consistently watch the games made it fairly difficult to knowledgably talk about something so I decided to look for folks who knew their teams like the back of their hand. I sent out a TON of emails and who was the first guy to respond?

A Detroit sports journalist named Greg Eno!

Now I had someone to talk baseball with and the first show was dedicated to the Detroit Tigers….the team I swore I would never root for again! Greg’s enthusiasm for baseball and the Tigers hooked me and I jumped back on the Tiger bandwagon and started rooting hard for them!

The last couple of years the Mets gave me zero reason to even care about following baseball very closely and now I had a reason to root for baseball past Labor Day and I was excited!

There’s nothing like baseball in October and especially when your team is playing. Every strikeout, walk, fly ball, error and stolen base makes your heart race with excitement. Every managerial decision and every umpires call can dramatically affect the outcome of a game and last night’s game made me feel like a true baseball fan for the first time in a LONG time.

I was on pins and needles believe me!

The ninth inning was what playoff baseball is all about. Two men are on. Two men are out and up to the plate steps future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter. Jeter is their new Mr. October. He’s been there done that and has the t-shirts (and the rings) to prove it.


Bye-bye Derek and hello to a 2-1 series lead for the Detroit Tigers!

I’m still passionate about the Mets and as the new blog design demonstrates I’m going to be as equally passionate about the Tigers as well. More importantly I’ve become more passionate about baseball and you will see more baseball here in the future!

Go get em’ Tigers!


Please keep it clean!

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