The New York Mets 2012 Game Recap: Mets Defeat Nationals 4-3

Greetings one and all! Baseball sure is a funny game. Who would have thought the New York Mets would be undefeated after their first four games? Not me and probably not you either. But the 2012 New York Mets are;


Here are the good things that happened

Mike Pelfrey went 5.2 innings giving up ten hits and three runs while striking out eight Washington Nationals and only walking one. I’ll take that type of performance any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

The revamped Mets bullpen pitched scoreless ball once again.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis hit his first Major League homer run.

Daniel Murphy collected two more hits including the game winning RBI in the bottom of the ninth. This guy can rake!

David Wright had another RBI. That’s four RBI’s in four games!

The Mets turned two double plays and Jason Bay added an assist.

Daniel Murphy is still alive!

Here are the not so good things that happened

Ike Davis is still hit-less for 2012.

I know it’s still early but tonight was a big win for the Mets. Last year this team might have folded or the bullpen would have put the Mets in a hole that would terrify a coal miner….this year these things don’t seem to be the case. At least not yet anyway.

Undefeated is such a nice word!


Please keep it clean!

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