The New York Mets 2012 Game Recap: Mets beat Phillies 5-0

The New York Mets continued their winning ways with a 5-0 victory yesterday over the Philadelphia Phillies. It’s always great whenever we beat the Phillies and yesterday was no exception.

Jonathon Niese picked up his second win of this very young season and the bullpen once again did their jobs keeping the Philllies hitters at bay. I expected big things this season from Niese and he hasn’t disappointed me in the least whereas I expected nothing from the bullpen and have been pleasantly surprised….perhaps even overjoyed at what they’ve been able to accomplish thus far in this very young 2012 campaign.

David Wright returned with a bang last night going three for five including a first inning dinger that gave Niese all the runs he needed. I’m glad to see Wright in the lineup for however long he remains a Met.

Lucas Duda added a fourth inning shot of his own. I like Duda but I personally think he’s trying too hard to go yard every time he steps up to the plate. I think this is also Ike Davis’ problem as well. They just need to relax and get good swings at the baseball and the rest will take care of itself.

Ruben Tejada continued his hot stroke by getting a couple more hits on the night. He’s quickly making people forget all about Jose Reyes and that is a good thing.

2-0 on the road is a very good thing!

Sunday Mike Pelfrey takes the hill….lets sweep these dudes!


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