The New York Mets 2012 Game Recap: Mets 3 Braves 9

I suppose it had to of happened sooner or later. The Braves finally found a way to beat the Mets and they did so by a score of nine to three.

Starting pitcher Johan Santana lasted only one and a third innings allowing four earned runs on four hits while walking one and striking out none. Our Ace simply didn’t have it last night. Errors by Jason Bay and Ike Davis weren’t very helpful either.

Oh well. Games like this happen to even the best teams and it’s too early to come completely unglued over one loss to a good team like Atlanta. And despite what people are saying Atlanta is a good team.

David Wright added to more hits last night….the guy is hot as a pistol.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis also added two hits of his own….could he be the answer to our center field woes?

Daniel Murphy also collected two hits….and he’s still alive.

Bad days happen…..good teams bounce back from them and don’t let these things bother them too much. Hopefully the good Mets team will turn up tonight as R. A. Dickey takes the hill.



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