The New York Mets 2012 Game Recap: Mets 3 Giants 4

The more things change the more they remain the same. At least that’s what my mother use to say or at least that’s how I remember it anyway….and she might as well be talking about the New York Mets because they had a chance to win this game.

Sounds a lot like last year doesn’t it? Maybe a better saying then my mother’s would be “It’s deja vu all over again”?

Errors and walks will kill a team every time and two walks from closer Frank Francisco and an untimely error by Kirk Nieuwenhuis did the Mets in last night.

When I say the bullpen didn’t do their job I certainly wasn’t referring to Ramirez, Rauch or Byrdak….those three fellas kept the Mets in the game which is in their job description and exactly what they are paid to do.

Speaking of Nieuwenhuis; he made an awesome catch in the eighth inning. You can see it here.

Jason Bay continued his hot hitting with two hits including a dinger. I sure do hope he continues this pace he’s on.

David Wright continued his hitting streak going one for three on the night.

Josh Thole also continued to impress at the plate with a hit and a RBI…now if he could only solve his behind the plate woes we just might have something here.

It was a tough loss for sure and hopefully the “Amazin’s” will get back on track Saturday as Mike Pelfrey takes the hill against Ryan Vogelsong.



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