Book Review and Radio Interview: The Last Icon: Tom Seaver and His Times by Steven Travers

I’ve been a huge Tom Seaver fan for most of my life so when I discovered that there was a new book out about his career I immediately snatched it up….yes, that’s correct my friends. Phil Naessens actually bought a book rather than waiting for the publisher or author so send him one for a review and an interview.

I don’t have any regrets whatsoever and neither will you.

The Last Icon: Tom Seaver and His Times is written by well known author Mr. Steven Travers and I must say he did a remarkable job writing this book. It isn’t easy to write a book about the life and career of a famous person even when they do cooperate and sadly Mr. Seaver, for whatever reason, refused to do so.

The book is a hit anyway!

Travers takes his reader on a fact filled journey of the life and career of an icon and does so with a free flowing writing style that easily hooks his reader. I had a difficult time putting this one down and I do believe you dear reader will have the same problem.

For me this book was a trip down memory lane and I found myself reliving past glory and experiencing the heartaches that came with being a Met fan during the Seaver era; for example, I remember when the Mets traded Seaver to Cincinatti in 1977….I cried for two days and while reliving this didn’t have the same effect I did find myself shedding a tear or two at what has to be the darkest day in New York Met history.

While this book will be a great read for any Seaver fan it’s a great resource for anyone who didn’t have the privelege of watching Tom Terrific pitch…and who knows you might become a fan of his as well and if you do you can thank Steven Travers for this!

To listen to an interview I conducted with Mr. Travers, please press the following link. The interview begins at the 46 minute mark.

To purchase this book please visit the following link.


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