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Comparing David Wright to Derek Jeter is Just Plain Wrong

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On Wednesday Major League Baseball fans worldwide received the news that future Hall of Famer and New York Yankee legend Derek Jeter will hang up his spikes at the end of the 2014 season. As a New York Mets fan I wasn’t very happy when he went yard in 2000 but as a baseball fan I knew that anytime I watched him I was watching greatness.

Last night I was finishing up the show and saw where a Mets fan was forced to defend Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter to other Mets fans. Apparently the fugazi fans were bitching about another public announcement and dreading another season long goodbye and the reason they think it’s wrong is, and get ready for this;

David Wright would never do that.

This honestly was said and I was too damn tired to favorite the freaking thing or I would display the entire squabble for you all. Believe me when I tell you I was astonished.

Look, I’ve said this a million times. David Wright is a nice complimentary piece on a championship ballclub but he’s not a super star. He’s barely an All Star and Mets fans love him so much they needed to be begged and prodded to vote for him otherwise Pablo Sandoval would have been the starting third baseman for the National League in the 2013 All Star Game held at Citi Field.

In case you didn’t know Citi Field is David Wright’s home ball park. I guess they were simply too busy bitching and moaning anonymously on Facebook about the Wilponzi’s to take the time to vote for free.

Now back to Jeter and Rivera.

Baseball fans everywhere respect these two fellas. They were just wide eyed kids playing for the legendary Yankees who became legends doing it the right way during an era when doing it the right way wasn’t the norm. They made big plays and big times and wowed us time and time again

I say they’ve earned one last ride around the park and that will have to tide them over until they get enshrined permanently in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

David Wright? If it’s true what they say about history repeating itself when Wright announces his retirement he probably won’t even do so as a New York Met. No season long farewell. No fanfare. No uniform number retired. No World Series ring. Zip. Zero. Nada.

That’s too bad but that’s the difference between barely All Stars and future Hall of Famers. To ridicule Rivera and Jeter for getting their due is absolutely ridiculous. It’s actually pathetic and just plain stupid and makes me ashamed they call themselves Mets fans.

Today’s show was amazing. Actually the last two days were pretty amazing. On Thursday we talked Mets and A’s baseball and looked at the top ten Major League offenses and today we talked about fake trade rumors, un-vetted media sources and stupid bloggers spreading rumors, Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Mount Rushmore followed by my weekly Kiwi test and a great chat about the Thunder. The shows are below;

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Phil Naessens Show May 8 2012: Baseball Galore

On tonight’s Phil Naessens Show I’m joined by;

Mark Berman joins me in segment one to update us on what’s happening with the New York Mets.

The entire staff of Knuckleballs Blog joins me in segment two to update us on the Minnesota Twins.

Quinton Vaughn joins me in segment three to discuss the Floyd Mayweather Jr Miquel Cotto fight and to update us on the Atlanta Braves.

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