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The New York Mets 2012 Game Recap: Mets 7 Rockies 5

Yesterday was Mets starting pitcher Dillon Gee’s birthday and he celebrated it in fine style by picking up his second win of the season against the Rockies….Gee struck out seven and only walked two Rockies hitters.

Late last night I decided to put Lucas Duda in the lineup on my fantasy baseball team and he responded with a tater and four RBI’s on the night….I wish the rest of my team would have done the same 🙂

Three more hits for Ruben Tejada…..he’s really getting it done so far this season.

Mike Baxter had another pinch hit….it’s a tough job but he seems to do this quite well.

David Wright and Daniel Murphy each added three hits of their own….our two through five hitters are doing fine….if Ike Davis ever gets going we’ll have our own version of murderer’s row 🙂

Johan Santana takes the hill tonight and hopefully I’ll be able to watch at least some of it!

The New York Mets 2012 Game Recap: Mets 3 Braves 9

I suppose it had to of happened sooner or later. The Braves finally found a way to beat the Mets and they did so by a score of nine to three.

Starting pitcher Johan Santana lasted only one and a third innings allowing four earned runs on four hits while walking one and striking out none. Our Ace simply didn’t have it last night. Errors by Jason Bay and Ike Davis weren’t very helpful either.

Oh well. Games like this happen to even the best teams and it’s too early to come completely unglued over one loss to a good team like Atlanta. And despite what people are saying Atlanta is a good team.

David Wright added to more hits last night….the guy is hot as a pistol.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis also added two hits of his own….could he be the answer to our center field woes?

Daniel Murphy also collected two hits….and he’s still alive.

Bad days happen…..good teams bounce back from them and don’t let these things bother them too much. Hopefully the good Mets team will turn up tonight as R. A. Dickey takes the hill.


The New York Mets 2012 Game Recap: Two Painful Losses in a Row

Greetings one and all. Sorry about not putting up the recaps from the last two games but I’ve been working like an Egyptian slave this last week. Perhaps what I will do from here on out is just type a few random thoughts after each game rather than a full recap. Seems like this will be much easier to keep up with so here goes;

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Mets have lost two in a row since David Wright fractured his pinkie. If he winds up on the disabled list than Terry Collins says he will consider moving Daniel Murphy to third base. I think we heard the same thing here.

Speaking of Daniel Murphy: Am I the only one who thinks this guy is a disaster at second base? He can’t turn two and his footwork sucks. I know we need his bat in the lineup and I get that but what I don’t get is why the “Irish Hammer” isn’t playing left field.

I was very encouraged by the performances of Dillon Gee and Johan Santana. They both lost tough ballgames but I thought they pitched really well. Santana simply got out-dueled by a guy who throws serious heat (Stephen Strasburg) and Gee made a couple of mistakes that cost him.

Frank Francisco has been a very pleasant surprise thus far and I’m happy that he is a Met. He’s pitched well and has done his job every time out. It’s nice to see a closer actually close a game!

Larry Vanover is the worst home plate umpire in the Major Leagues. The pitch he rang Jason Bay up on was closer to Corfu than the strike zone and running Manager Terry Collins an inning later was a joke. It’s too bad he didn’t run Bay so we wouldn’t have to watch him any longer.

Ruben Tejada is quickly becoming my favorite Met. He’s done well in the lead-off spot and has handled himself well on the defensive side of things. I have a feeling this guy is gonna be good!

The Mets are off tonight and will travel to Philadelphia to take on the Sillies this weekend. Should be a great series!



The New York Mets 2012 Game Recap: Mets Defeat Nationals 4-3

Greetings one and all! Baseball sure is a funny game. Who would have thought the New York Mets would be undefeated after their first four games? Not me and probably not you either. But the 2012 New York Mets are;


Here are the good things that happened

Mike Pelfrey went 5.2 innings giving up ten hits and three runs while striking out eight Washington Nationals and only walking one. I’ll take that type of performance any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

The revamped Mets bullpen pitched scoreless ball once again.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis hit his first Major League homer run.

Daniel Murphy collected two more hits including the game winning RBI in the bottom of the ninth. This guy can rake!

David Wright had another RBI. That’s four RBI’s in four games!

The Mets turned two double plays and Jason Bay added an assist.

Daniel Murphy is still alive!

Here are the not so good things that happened

Ike Davis is still hit-less for 2012.

I know it’s still early but tonight was a big win for the Mets. Last year this team might have folded or the bullpen would have put the Mets in a hole that would terrify a coal miner….this year these things don’t seem to be the case. At least not yet anyway.

Undefeated is such a nice word!

The New York Mets 2012 Game Recap: Mets Defeat Braves 7-5

Due to some shaky internet I missed last nights game as well and let me tell ya I missed a doozy. Jonathan Niese took a no-hitter into the seventh, the bullpen held on for dear life and the Mets swept the 3 game series with the Braves on a much warmer day than yesterday at Citi Field.

Bust out the dustpan….the Braves just got swept 🙂

Here are the good things that happened

The Mets swept the Braves and gave their fans reasons to cheer. That’s always a good thing.

Jonathan Niese flirted with a no-hitter until the seventh inning when the wheels fell off and he couldn’t find the plate.

Shortstop Ruben Tejada went four for five and had two RBI’s….Jose who 🙂

Daniel Murphy collected two more hits….that boy can rake!

David Wright had another hit and another RBI….he’s on a roll!

Jason Bay collected a hit and an RBI.

The bullpen did their jobs once again and Frank Francisco got his third save of the season.

Daniel Murphy is still alive.

Here are the not so good things that happened

Lucas Duda dropped a fly ball in the seventh inning…tough sun but an error is an error and never a good thing.

Ike Davis is still hit-less on the season.

The Mets are 3-0 and I’m excited. This team is going to score runs and if they get the pitching like they did this weekend…well, look out.

New York Mets Baseball with Mr. Mark Berman

Tonight we continue to do our weekly focus on the New York Mets and joining me to discuss Andres Torres, Mike Pelfrey, Jason Bay, Daniel Murphy, David Wright and the injuries that have hit the Mets hard this spring is Mr. Mark Berman.

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Daniel Murphy is the Mets Second Baseman….at Least For Now

I’ll be honest here. I’m a BIG fan of Daniel Murphy. I like his work ethic and I especially like watching him swing that big left handed bat of his but I’m not a big fan of his being the everyday second baseman for the 2012 New York Mets.

After reading this article here I’m still not a big fan of this idea but it is what it is and as a fan I must accept that, at least for now, and for the unforeseeable future, Daniel Murphy will be the starting second baseman.

I agree with Mets manager Terry Collins when he rightly states the Mets need his bat in the everyday lineup.

I think Collins also knows that second base is less than an ideal fit for Murphy but what can Collins do?

In a perfect world Murphy would be patrolling either first or third base but as long as Ike Davis and David Wright are in Mets uniforms those two options are out the window.

In a less than perfect world Murphy could play left field but unfortunately for him, and probably the Mets as well, Jason Bay is the man for now.

That leaves Collins no other option but to play Murphy at second base.

I know you all know this stuff as do I but it’s so darn hard to accept that Murphy will be playing at a position where his season has prematurely ended not one but the last TWO seasons only because his bat is needed but is butt is in the wrong place.

Let’s hope for Murphy’s sake his butt winds up in the right place so the Mets don’t lose his bat!