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The Phil Naessens Show August 27, 2012: Does Major League Baseball Really Have a Drug Problem?

Blogging Mets Mark Berman joins Phil to discuss the various pennant races around Major League Baseball, the New York Mets woes and then discuss all the rumors and insinuations surrounding drug use within Major League Baseball.

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I Love Baseball!!

Except for about 8 years baseball has been a big part of my life. Those eight years were the first eight years I spent in Greece and a part from reading the box score I didn’t pay that close attention to it. If you can’t watch or listen or even have someone to talk baseball with you lose interest….

Last night, or should I say in the wee small hours of the morning, I listened to the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees game live on ESPN radio and realized a couple of things; what a great game baseball is and how much I really do love talking about the game of baseball.

I haven’t been that excited about the outcome of a sporting event in a long LONG time.

Growing up I loved two teams; The New York Mets and the Detroit Tigers. I’ve always been a Mets fan but told the Tigers to take a hike after the pizza guy (what was his name again) fired Ernie Harwell. Swore I would never root for those bums again.

You know what they say about never saying never don’t ya?

Flash forward to August of this year…. Continue reading