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New Phil Naessens Show: The 2011 Saint Louis Cardinals

Today I’m joined by Nick of the Pitchers Hit Eighth blog and podcast and we’re talking Cardinal Baseball!!

To listen to the program from this site please click the link provided below. To download this program to your portable audio device right click the link provided below and select “save as”.


Justin Verlander First to Win 20 Games in the Major Leagues in 2011!

Yesterday Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander became the first Pitcher in the Major Leagues to win 20 games this season. You can read all about it here .


Verlander keeps this up and he has a real good chance to become the AL MVP!

Gee, You Pitch Terrific!!!

The 2011 New York Mets season has certainly been interesting…..at least so far. From the uncertainty as to who will be in a Mets uniform after the trading deadline and Fred Wilpon’s not so nice comments regarding some of his players, the injuries and everything else we Mets fans have surely seen better days (think 1986).

Enter Dillon Gee. He has been a breath of fresh air and a joy to watch during this weird and wacky season. When he pitches the Mets don’t lose…..at least so far we haven’t. Without his massive contributions I doubt I would even care any longer about this years Mets but the dude has me fired up and looking forward to better days ahead!

Here’s what Gee has done so far;

So far so good. Lets hope he keeps it up!!