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Book Review and Radio Interview: MVP by Robert Cohen

If there are two things I really enjoy they would be; reading books about the amazing sport of baseball and reading books where I learn something. When Author Robert Cohen sent me a complimentary copy of his book MVP I knew that I would be a very happy camper!

I was more than happy with the book!

Cohen is an experienced writer and has the amazing ability to convey his thoughts in a very simple and succinct manner. MVP is written in that fine tradition and I enjoyed this easy to read book.

The most important aspect of this undertaking was to define just what the heck Most Valuable Player actually means to the one making the case. Cohen takes the time to let the reader know just what MVP means to him. You’ll need to read that section slowly and carefully in order to fully understand some of the conclusions Cohen has reached.

The book is a trip down memory lane as Cohen examines each MVP from both the American and National Leagues. Was the winner of each MVP award deserving of it? Could the committee of selected another ballplayer who perhaps was more valuable than the actual winner? Both questions are answered in this book!

From the “how’s” to the “who’s” Cohen has written a must read book for any baseball fan looking to understand how the MVP is chosen, who does the choosing and most importantly did the MVP actually deserve to be the MVP!

Five stars for this book!

You can purchase MVP here.

To listen to a radio interview I conducted with Mr. Cohen about this book please press the following link or to download the interview to your portable device please right click the link below and select “save as”!


Justin Verlander First to Win 20 Games in the Major Leagues in 2011!

Yesterday Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander became the first Pitcher in the Major Leagues to win 20 games this season. You can read all about it here .


Verlander keeps this up and he has a real good chance to become the AL MVP!