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Prince Fielder: The New King of the Detroit Tigers!

The Detroit Tigers surprise signing of free agent First Baseman Prince Fielder is the main topic tonight….I speculate how all this is going to work and I also cover the San Francisco Giants resigning Tim Lincecum and the Boston Red Sox signing of free agent Cody Ross.

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Carlos Beltran Traded to the San Francisco Giants!

After months of speculation, NY Mets right fielder Carlos Beltran has been traded to the San Francisco Giants. Prior to last nights game Beltran shook hands with each of his teammates and said “Thank You”.

That’s class my friends.

I know I’ve been yapping my mouth the last two years or so about trading him but deep down inside I really didn’t want to see him go.

Beltran has been an important part of the Mets both on and off the field and I for one will miss watching Carlos, who I believe was and is the greatest outfielder in Mets history.

Thanks for the memories Carlos! I’m going to miss you! Hopefully we will see you in the play-offs!

Buster Posey Out For The Season!!

Check out the video of the collision that cost San Francisco Giants outstanding catcher Buster Posey his second season in the Big Leagues……and possibly could have ended his career…..at least as a catcher. I’ll warn you in advance this video is ugly.

This is a BIG blow to the Giants. Posey was a major part of the reason the Giants were so successful last season. I don’t see them overcoming this huge loss both in defense as well as losing his stick. We’ll see.

They need to do something more to protect these catchers but its doubtful that anything will ever be done to do so.

Hopefully Buster will have a full recovery and return behind the dish next season.